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Today’s sub work was a little nostalgic. I was filling in for one of the choir directors in Jamie’s district, and the assignment that he left was about ten minutes long. This, of course, meant that the rest of the period was reserved for “homework,” music teacher slang for, “talk to your musician friends and maybe play some cards.” I remember those days well, and I can’t say I felt too bad about letting these kids relive my past. Kinda brought on a warm feeling, to tell the truth.

It had its rough moments, though…I made the mistake of letting most of one junior high class go hang out in the practice rooms, and although they didn’t really make any trouble I found myself terrified that they just might break out of the building at any moment and unleash their eighth-grade fury on the grown-up world…but they didn’t, because eighth-grade fury, in my limited experience, seems to consist mainly of the following: “Hehe…I’m breaking a rule…”

Written by jazzslider

April 6, 2006 at 11:27 pm

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